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Elks Challenge Coin

Elks Challenge Coin

$ 10.00

This is a 1 1/2 inch coin. It has the Elk clock emblem on one side. It has Benevolent and Protective order of Elks engraved on the rim. The other side has the USA Elk emblem and BPOE - Best People on Earth engraved on the rim. These are nice heavy plated gold and enamel coins. (if interested Club managers can call Mike at 619-548-1266 for quantity pricing)

Challenge Coin History 

As the legend goes Challenge coins started in the Army Air Corps during WWI. A wealthy Pilot had gold coins made for each member of his squadron as mementos of their service together. One pilot put his coin in a leather pouch and carried it around his neck. He was shot down and was captured and stripped of everything except his coin pouch, they missed it. He escaped and was eventually confronted by the French. He was going to be executed as a spy. The only thing that saved him, because he had no ID, was his squadron’s coin.

Once the pilot safely returned to his squadron, it became a tradition for all members to carry their coin at all times. To ensure compliance, the pilots would challenge each other from time to time to produce their coin.
Today many organizations, Such as the ELKS use challenge coins to proudly display their membership in the organization.

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